Turkey restarts E visa for Iraqi citizens

Turkey halted the e-visa facility for Iraqi citizens after ISIL militants abducted 46 Turkish citizens and three staff members from the Mosul consulate on June 11, 2014, this was a day after the group ISIL terrorist had taken control of the second largest city.

The 46 Turkish citizens held hostage by ISIS were released and taken back to Turkey on September 20, 2014. Following the release of these 46 hostages, Turkish ambassador to Iraq, Faruk Kaymakci, said in a written statement on October 2. 2014, that Iraqi citizens will once again be able to apply for the Turkey e-Visa online for their travel to Turkey. They will no longer have to wait for approval to enter Turkey through the Ibrahim Khalil border which is the crossing point between Turkey and Iraq.

After the resumption of the e-visa facility, enthusiasm is seen among the tourists. The Turkish tourism industry also expects to overcome the losses suffered by the industry during the crisis period. Basaran Ulusoy, president of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, said at a press conference that 42 million tourists are expected to travel to Turkey by the end of the year and tourism revenues are expected to reach $ 35 billion. .

Passport holders from eligible nations can apply for an ETA for Turkey and the documents required to apply for the e-Visa are also much lower, compared to the old type of visa for which travelers had to visit the embassy and spend their time in long lines. Well, if the traveler applies for the visa online, he can easily get it approved in 24-48 hours by simply providing his passport details and some processing fees. The ETA visa is electronically attached to the applicant’s passport after approval, an E-visa email is sent in PDF format, which the passport holder can keep in his passport when he travels to Turkey. Therefore, the passport holder does not have to have the visa stamped in the passport. There are many nationalities who enjoy the ease of VOA or visa upon arrival at the Turkish airport, but it is always advisable to check and verify the information before your travel date.

There are numerous websites that provide Turkey E visa application service on behalf of the client and also provide certain services and benefits, however we advise you to be sure and follow the terms and conditions of that particular website to save yourself from online fraud and get your e-Visa on time.

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